Farewell To The Old Website

It's been over a year since I launched RustProof, and longer since I created the website for the server. It's time to try something a little different. A little more simple. It's still a work in progress, so check back for updates.

Rules and FAQ

#1 The Rule of Common Sense

Use common sense. If it feels like you're breaking a rule, you probably are. Pretending to break any of the below rules, trolling the admins, threatening players in real life, doxing, ddosing, etc are all covered by this rule.

#2 Hacking or Exploits Result in a Permanent Ban

Bans for hacking should go without saying. Exploits are defined as any game breaking exploit that creates a situation where you become 1) unkillable or 2) 100% unraidable

#3 No Racism, Homophobia, or Excessive Toxicity

Our system will automatically mute you for racist or homophobic terms. Chat moderators will mute for excessive toxicity. Bans will be handed out for excessive or repeat offenders.

#4 Follow Posted Group Limits

  1. You may ignore neighbors or other players, KOS is not enforced.
  2. Trading allowed via a shopfront or vending machines.
  3. You CAN NOT ally with a neighbor or share defense.
  4. You may change teammates once per map wipe. See discord.
  5. Breaking this rule results in being banned for the rest of the wipe plus an additional 12 hours into the next wipe.

#5 VAC/Gameban Restrictions

  1. No alts connected to you with a Rust gameban, no exceptions.
  2. No more than 1 ban of any type, VAC or gameban. Exceptions can be made for very old bans or other circumstances (malicious game developers), see discord.
  3. No bans newer than 120 days.
  4. The above rules apply to your acccount, and any alt accounts connected to you by IP address or other identifier.

Join our discord to see more in-depth stats, get notified when the heli spawns, report problems, view a livefeed of the servers, and many more features.


  • Wipes Thursdays at 3PM ET
  • Weekly Map Wipes
  • Monthly Blueprints
  • 3 Maximum Per Team, 1 swap per map wipe


  • Wipes Bi-Weekly, Thursdays at 3PM ET
  • Two Week Map Wipes
  • Monthly Blueprints
  • 6 Maximum Per Team, 1 swap per map wipe
  • Noob Friendly Settings!
    • 48 hours of upkeep grief protection instead of 24
    • 1 hour delay before upkeep decay kicks in
    • 5 extra minutes on Patrol Helicopter
    • 10 extra minutes on Cargo Ship
    • Heli, Chinook, and Cargo Ship arrivals announced in chat
    • Admins will within reason and availability help fix building mistakes

a sincere thank you
and farewell

I want to personally thank everyone that helped make RustProof the huge success that it was over the years. We had over 61,000 players come and go, streamers, and even Helk himself play on the server. After several difficult wipes, a few patches that resulted in numerous crashes and a lost map, and just general bad luck, we’ve lost the reputation we built and our players along with it. Instead of beating a dead horse and watching the last few loyal players try to bring it back from death only to waste time, I’ve decided to close down the server effective today. I sincerely want to thank everyone that supported us, and a special thank you to Koepy, Gheistbane, CJTerhark, Naria, and our current and former chat moderators that helped make the server what it was. They all donated significant amounts of time to make sure the servers ran smoothly.

I’ll leave the discord up with the bot running. The lifetime stats will still be available for the foreseeable future and a few other of the bot’s features. I’ll still be around. If you’re interested in some amazing modded servers, I own the US Blueberry servers! Head over to the Blueberry Discord to check them out.


There’s a number of contributing factors I think. Rustafied opening a Solo/Duo/Trio with the same wipe schedule in the official tab, large scale DDOS attacks against our hosting provider forcing us to move to one with less optimal ping, patches with crashes causing a lost map, and just plain bad luck. But the biggest one is our core players. They’re gone, and the very few loyal ones left trying to rekindle what was left, I feel bad watching them waste their time trying to help. I’d rather they have fun somewhere else instead of trying to stay loyal and bring back pop, when deep down I can see it’s dead. I think I’d rather close it down so those loyal players can go find new homes to have fun playing on.


We had over 61,000 unique players join the RustProof servers during the almost two years they were up and running.

There were 907,921 PVP kills made on our servers, and 412,925 PVE deaths. 407,885 of you committed an F1 suicide.

You guys played a total of 657,294 hours of Rust on RustProof. That’s incredible. That’s 75 years of Rust. The average session was 1.6 hours. The longest session ever played on our servers was 160 hours! That’s 6.6 days! This honor held by Kee, whom I have a sneaking suspicion was AFK most of it.

We had a number of Rust VIPs play, including ShackyHD, irisk, Pepper The Red, and summit1g. Both Helk and Alistair made brief appearances on the server. Helk spawned a number of CH47s and then roamed around for about an hour with ShackyHD.

We capped out at about 1,600 members in our discord.

Total server/infrastructure expenses came in around $5,100 USD. We spent approximately $500 on Steam gift card and skin giveaways. This was offset by approximately $400 in completely no strings attached donations by some incredibly generous people.

And finally, to those that followed our simple rules, and enjoyed our server and services, thank you. It was a pleasure providing a gaming service to you. You helped give me a platform to tinker with some programming skills I don’t get to use as often as I’d like, which really was the whole reason I started this anyway. In that regard, it was a huge success.

Coming Soon